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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday was load in day for the Royal Hannaford Circus.  All the final preparations are moving forward toward the opening of the 2013 Antioch Shrine Circus, Friday night!   Remember this is to benefit Antioch Temple and its operations for 2014. 
Come out and support, and help WORK your circus to make this a wonderful experience for our guests.  Live broadcasts from the UD Arena begin at 6am on Channels 22 & 45 Friday morning.  Take a sneak peak at what you will see at the show!

The ACEs, (old Building Corporation) began a renovation project on the 2nd floor service area.  It looks better already!   A new mop sink, service sink, prep area will be installed in the next month.  The floors refinished and walls painted it will look brand new.  It will become a productive area again.  Thanks to Jack Morgan, Jim Smart, and Gary (Big Hammer) Shifflet for working this afternoon!   Also to Dave Heizer for the use of his trailer to haul it all away!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Quiet Night before the BIG WEEKEND!! 

A quiet day of actually working for my real job today!!  Playing catch-up tonight on household chores.  Getting the last few things ready for our BIG WEEKEND at the Circus.  
I am meeting with our Building Crew tearing out the old bar/service area on the 2nd floor on Thursday.  Then floor cleaning and prep for a new service and mop sinks.  We are making it a productive area again.  If you have any construction or destruction talent or just want to help Antioch look as good as she can, leave a message for me at the Temple.  We will include you on future endeavors.  Next one should be getting ready to replace the floor in the lower level new Activity Area.  As we continue to RACE TOWARD THE FUTURE

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It’s Circus Showtime!! With our new advertising campaign, billboards, TV commercials, Facebook posts and our new partners The Dayton Sharks, we are off to a GREAT start to Circus Week.  Ticket sales have been very brisk!  We have had lines at the Antioch Circus Office and pre-sale at the UD Arena is very exciting as well!  Remember, Carl Nichols told us at the Kickoff Night, temperatures would be in the 50s & 60s!  He may have missed it by a couple of days but check out todays high!

It takes a lot of nobles and ladies to put this event on!  The proceeds go directly to Antioch operations so it is crucial for all of us to work hard, put in that extra time, and support Antioch’s Circus, so we can support you in 2014!!

EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA!  A final last minute UPDATE!!  Watch WKEF-22 & WRGT-45 beginning at 6am Friday morning!  LIVE updates from the UD Arena.   Here is the question to ponder…….How will Chief Rabban Scott Lipps look seeing 6 o’clock twice in one day??  He thinks 10 o’clock should only come once a day!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Over 20 of our very own Funsters and your Divan along with a few ladies "clowned up" and headed out to 6 local Kroger stores to promote our upcoming circus...

Krogers has been a fantastic partner of ours and as you can see Kroger employees and customers loved our Funsters.  Would you really buy from this group???    Balloons for the kids and ticket sales for the adults makes next weekend  look very promising!
  Then after playing with food all day, we took our clowns for a little dinner and relaxation! Man those clowns can eat!!      
We are on the clock!  5 days until our 71st.  Everything is coming together.   Watch for our Billboards, & TV ads.  New additions to help promote our Circus!   


Friday, January 25, 2013

Last night most of the Divan traveled up to Urbana for Champaign County's installation. Congratulations to Allan McAdams and his entire slate of officers for 2013!….. Someone needs to ask him about his YELLOW shower curtain!!

More importantly we were honored by Todd & Teri Woodruff along with their son Trevor.  Trevor had an amazing story.  Every year our Shrine Clubs bring kids to the Circus.  Last year Trevor was one of our circus kids from Champaign County.  Trevor had a GREAT time and wanted to do something for us!!  Last summer Trevor had a 4H project at the County Fair.  Trevor donated $50 to our Hospitals from the proceeds of his sale.  I was honored to accept his check and we are going to make a special presentation to Cincinnati in October.  We invited the Woodruff family to join us!  What an outstanding gesture!  THANK YOU TREVOR!!  Truly one of our next generation of Shriners as we RACE TOWARD THE FUTURE!!   



What a wonderful evening Wednesday in Greenville.  Scott, Kevin, Dave their ladies and Pam & I  braved the snow and attended Darke County’s installation dinner.  Congratulations to President Dave  Niley and all the officers of Darke Co. S.C.  We look forward to working with you all year and at your big parade in July!!


What a wonderful surprise when one of “OUR” children came and talked to us about her experiences at our Lexington Hospital. MARA SODER and her mother Jennifer were extremely grateful to all of us as Shriners for the LOVE and support they received!  Stories like hers reminds us why we do what we do!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

As the song begins “OH WHAT A NIGHT”.... we had last night with our new members and their ladies.  It began with a special Short Form Ceremonial.  Congratulations to Tim Haggard and his lady Angela, for joining our great fraternity! Tim had military obligations last Saturday during installation ceremonies, and is being deployed the first part of April!  We welcome them both and are very proud of his service to our country!!
The Divan ladies allowed us to join them with their Ladies Orientation program that they typically do when we have ceremonials.   However, with last December’s ceremonial at the Masonic Temple, and a few short forms we chose last night to bring them together.  We had over 20 new members there and the Divan ladies did a FANTASTIC job of explaining Antioch, the Shrine, and our Hospitals.  (We are showing Tampa again we are practicing what we have learned at the Imperial membership seminars)
We had a couple of our new members ready to join units and clubs and they also were buying circus tickets for next week.   A wonderful evening!  Finally THANK YOU to Rick & Teresa for the meal last night!

Monday, January 21, 2013


About 3 years ago some of the Divan members wanted to make sure we didn’t look like complete fools (hard to believe) at the Potentates Ball.  We got together with Bob & Mitzi Mittlestead and they taught us basic ballroom dancing. We began with 3 couples.  Actually it turned into a fun event. 
Again this year Bob & Mitzi are teaching basic ballroom dancing on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month.  Our first class had over 20 people involved including 2 of our new members and 2 couples under 30 years old!
It’s a great time!  If they can teach this “old Bull” with two left feet, then anyone can learn.  Just look at “twinkle toes” Lipps. 
Come join us next Monday January 28, for the next class beginning at 7pm.  At the beginning of each class there is refresher or catch up time before that night’s lesson.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

What a big and busy day at Antioch on Saturday. 98 person event in the morning. Followed by the East/West Shrine Game party. Then I attended the change of Command for the Legion of Honor.

A great time and a great "family" turn out for the tailgate party. It was wonderful to see lots of little ones playing in the ballroom. Can you say possible future members??

Scott Lipps announced in 2014 this party will be held in Tampa and Antioch will be at the game. Watch for details

Enjoy your Sunday!!

John Bull Jr

Friday, January 18, 2013

Catch Up Day

Friday was suppose to be catch-up day. We will do that....a little. Along with Paul & Karen Weglage and Scott Lipps Pam &I attended the Past Masters Club dinner and installation. It is pretty humbling when Past Grand Master Neil Smalley tells me that we will have a great year and my dad would be very proud!

Most of the afternoon we spent with the owner of our new partner for the circus the DAYTON SHARKS. Watch for digital billboards along I-75 & I-70 beginning this weekend.

Now if we can get Time Warner to cooperate we will have a wonderful East West Game Party on Saturday....if not Scott is going to sing

John Bull, Jr

Thursday, January 17, 2013

After running what seemed like 200 MPH (Indy Car speeds) for the past month, last night was supposed to be an evening to take a breath and re-group.  BUT (and there always is one) Ill. Sir Bill Garlow reminded me that I had Crier articles to get completed, the announcement for the Jimmy Buffett Party etc.  Pam is beginning an article for the ladies that she had to get completed and to Bill.  Unfortunately, we were unable to attend some of the club meetings, but the Divan was well represented!

Had to finish discussions with Carnival Cruise Lines about table assignment problems.  At the end of the “quiet” evening everything was accomplished and on to the next day of fun!! 

REMINDER….East West Shrine Game Party this Saturday.   Doors open at 3:30 and the game begins at 4pm.  FREE camels milk and tailgate food during the game.  At halftime Scott Lipps will have a special announcement!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Jan 16.

We conducted our 1st Divan meeting for 2013.   One of our first projects is to re-organize the Hospital Transportation Unit.  There is a new direction of the of  how we get our kids to the hospitals for their treatments.  This will be happening over the next couple of weeks.  We received information concerning two estates which may have bequests to Antioch and our Hospitals.  

The new LEADERSHIP & TRAINING meeting was a great success. The Unit Directors, Club Presidents, Ambassadors and general nobility came out in full force. We had the dining room full. Stan Brookins and his committee explained the program and changes about our upcoming circus. Wes Ramsey announced our NEW corporate sponsor the DAYTON SHARKS Indoor Football team!  They are providing our circus with billboard space on I-75 and I-70.  They are providing us 1000 T-Shirts with our Funsters picture on it, and other items we will announce at a later time. 

The Divan Ladies met to discuss their upcoming programs.  Watch for more information in the ANTIOCH ANGELS corner in the Crier.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A couple of little issues but here we are!!

What a Kick-Off to the year! We began our Legacy Membership Program during installation and we stand at +3 for 2013. Congratulations to Larry Carman, Rob Lantman, and 3rd generation member Sean Fickert!

Over 200 in attendance watched a great theme introduction of your 2013 Divan followed by roasting OG Wes Ramsey. Funny that Dave Heizer noted his short comings. A great party with a lot of our younger and new members staying past midnight.

With the final +1 and GOLD MEMBERSHIP for 2012 Ill. Sir Jeff Shaw put is hair where his mouth was and the clippings were left on the floor!

SPECIAL THANKS TO IMPERIAL SIR TAD CLAYPOOL AND LADY KAY for making it a special night for Pam & I as the Bull and Claypool families have for 40 years of history!

What a way to begin  RACING INTO 2013!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


        Antioch Potentate 2013
        John Bull, Jr. & Lady Pam

It is an honor to join you as we, collectively,
determine the future of our beloved Antioch
Shrine. As we remember our past and honor our
traditions, we will accept our current challenges
and continue to fortify and strengthen Antioch.
The future of Antioch is here. The path is before
us. It is our obligation to pass on to our newer
and younger members, the fun we have here at
As we prepare to face our current challenges we
will continue to work to strengthen this proud
fraternity. Pam & I will continue to honor our
traditions and we have a vision for the future of
As we look to the future, we will begin new
traditions so future generations will remember
how much fun we had in 2013. Please join us as we