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Thursday, January 17, 2013

After running what seemed like 200 MPH (Indy Car speeds) for the past month, last night was supposed to be an evening to take a breath and re-group.  BUT (and there always is one) Ill. Sir Bill Garlow reminded me that I had Crier articles to get completed, the announcement for the Jimmy Buffett Party etc.  Pam is beginning an article for the ladies that she had to get completed and to Bill.  Unfortunately, we were unable to attend some of the club meetings, but the Divan was well represented!

Had to finish discussions with Carnival Cruise Lines about table assignment problems.  At the end of the “quiet” evening everything was accomplished and on to the next day of fun!! 

REMINDER….East West Shrine Game Party this Saturday.   Doors open at 3:30 and the game begins at 4pm.  FREE camels milk and tailgate food during the game.  At halftime Scott Lipps will have a special announcement!

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