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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It’s Circus Showtime!! With our new advertising campaign, billboards, TV commercials, Facebook posts and our new partners The Dayton Sharks, we are off to a GREAT start to Circus Week.  Ticket sales have been very brisk!  We have had lines at the Antioch Circus Office and pre-sale at the UD Arena is very exciting as well!  Remember, Carl Nichols told us at the Kickoff Night, temperatures would be in the 50s & 60s!  He may have missed it by a couple of days but check out todays high!

It takes a lot of nobles and ladies to put this event on!  The proceeds go directly to Antioch operations so it is crucial for all of us to work hard, put in that extra time, and support Antioch’s Circus, so we can support you in 2014!!

EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA!  A final last minute UPDATE!!  Watch WKEF-22 & WRGT-45 beginning at 6am Friday morning!  LIVE updates from the UD Arena.   Here is the question to ponder…….How will Chief Rabban Scott Lipps look seeing 6 o’clock twice in one day??  He thinks 10 o’clock should only come once a day!

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  1. The TV ads this year look new and better than ever...and I see one every time I watch TV