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Friday, January 25, 2013

Last night most of the Divan traveled up to Urbana for Champaign County's installation. Congratulations to Allan McAdams and his entire slate of officers for 2013!….. Someone needs to ask him about his YELLOW shower curtain!!

More importantly we were honored by Todd & Teri Woodruff along with their son Trevor.  Trevor had an amazing story.  Every year our Shrine Clubs bring kids to the Circus.  Last year Trevor was one of our circus kids from Champaign County.  Trevor had a GREAT time and wanted to do something for us!!  Last summer Trevor had a 4H project at the County Fair.  Trevor donated $50 to our Hospitals from the proceeds of his sale.  I was honored to accept his check and we are going to make a special presentation to Cincinnati in October.  We invited the Woodruff family to join us!  What an outstanding gesture!  THANK YOU TREVOR!!  Truly one of our next generation of Shriners as we RACE TOWARD THE FUTURE!!   

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