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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A couple of little issues but here we are!!

What a Kick-Off to the year! We began our Legacy Membership Program during installation and we stand at +3 for 2013. Congratulations to Larry Carman, Rob Lantman, and 3rd generation member Sean Fickert!

Over 200 in attendance watched a great theme introduction of your 2013 Divan followed by roasting OG Wes Ramsey. Funny that Dave Heizer noted his short comings. A great party with a lot of our younger and new members staying past midnight.

With the final +1 and GOLD MEMBERSHIP for 2012 Ill. Sir Jeff Shaw put is hair where his mouth was and the clippings were left on the floor!

SPECIAL THANKS TO IMPERIAL SIR TAD CLAYPOOL AND LADY KAY for making it a special night for Pam & I as the Bull and Claypool families have for 40 years of history!

What a way to begin  RACING INTO 2013!

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