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Friday, February 8, 2013

What a difference a day makes!  The hotel we are staying at in Indy sold to a new group in December.  Thursday, I made a trip over there to meet my new contact.  (Good thing I did!)  It started off well with the GM not remembering the appointment.  Then we re-created 2+ years worth of notes as they could not find the contracts.  After about 2 hours, and thankfully I had all my notes and contracts we are back on track.  I also met with the caterers and the Indy Racing Experience for final arrangements with them for our parties while we are there!  WE ARE GOOD TO GO!!

Finally back in town Pam & I joined Kevin and Val at the Provost Guard/ Fairborn SC dinner and installation……Wes was in Huntsville to install the new officers of the Funsters.  Well I should say they took REAL GOOD care of him.  Wes....you missing anything??  Those Clowns!! 

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