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Friday, March 8, 2013

            CLOWING AROUND!
Last night I filled in for OG Wes Ramesy (off to OG School) at the Funsters Meeting.  Pickles prepared some good road kill before the meeting.  “OUR CLOWNS” had a list of appearances that was requested of them. Along with their upcoming mid-winter meeting we asked them to help at the Sharks games. With all the “EXTRA” work they do, they are very busy group.  
Brian Kennedy, and Ed Peters are off to Pittsburgh to be judges for the Mid Atlantic clown competition.  A great honor for our Funsters and Antioch. 
Another group that we are very proud of and was  recognized by the Funsters is Aug-Mer S.C.   Ambassador JIM MAY, who is always at the Funsters meetings, and also Aug-Mer S.C., received a plaque recognizing AUG-MER’s donation from their annual car show to the SNEAKER FUND which goes directly to Cincinnati’s Burn Hospital.  
GREAT JOB, AUG-MER, Jim May, and “our clowns” for all you do!!
Finally, please help support the Funsters.  They have a charity basketball game coming up on April 7th with some of the Cincinnati Bengals.  The proceeds help with maintaining their building in Huntsville!
Now back to packing as we begin our Antioch Cruise.  I will try to send updates from the trip!!

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