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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Having been gone a week it takes a few days to play catch up.  Tuesday night we had a large turnout for the Leadership & Training meeting.  Good to see the large group.  We discussed insurance for the upcoming year.  Our new carrier has required us to have everyone who drives an Antioch owned vehicle, or drives any type of vehicle in a parade to fill out the insurance questionnaire.  
We are also required to have anyone who serves alcohol under the Antioch name to attend bartending class. This means if you have any at your meetings, or afterglows in which you are responsible, you must attend this class. The class will be held on SUNDAY, April 21, noon to 4pm.  Antioch will cover the cost and we will have lunch available.  Please call Pam at the office to reserve your spot.  This sounds like a lot of requirements, but we saved over $10,000 on our insurance cost for 2013!!

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