Pote's Pin

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


This Saturday we will welcome new members to Antioch's Family.  Please help them out, seek them out, ask them if they are interested in your unit or club.  This is the life line for Antioch!  We want them to experience the fun and excitement we have over the years.  We want them to become part of the most exciting units and clubs in the Shrine, right here at ANTICOH!!  The time is NOW, we have them here, you have to take the next step!!

Monday, May 27, 2013


The R & R (Race & Relaxation) weekend is over and time to return to Real Life!!  What a weekend!  What a RACE!! 

First off it was Carb Day fun with us all on the world famous Yard of Bricks at the Speedway. 

Then we got together for the traditional morning group picture...WHO is that in the back, its Rick Snider who "tracked" (get it) us down an joined us Sunday.. 

Finally, Eric & I have our own special brick at the Speedway!!

What a great time we all had and have returned to begin the final preparations for our Ceremonial this Saturday.  You have until Wednesday to get that petition in and have them join us Saturday!...

Thursday, May 23, 2013


After being on the go since January, it's time for a weekend off!  What better way to relax then bring with about 250,000 of our closeest friends!   We are live at the Indianspolis Motor Speedway.  Attending my 36th Indy 500.  With Scott Lipps & Rob Fickert, and our kids. we are at the GREATEST SPECTICAL  IN RACING...also checking out everything for Imperial next month.

Having tempatures last year of over 95, we are actually have to turn heat on in the motor home. Low tonight of 40!

We look forward to hopefully seeing Imperal Sir. Al Madson at the Speedway  on Friday for carb day.

We wish everyone a great Memorial Day weekend. Please remember those who gave their all so we can have the freedoms we have!

John, Pam ....Eric & Amber

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Last night we held the monthly meeting.  I would like to take this time to remind everyone, this meeting is open to ALL nobles.  We began presentations on Policy's of Antioch.  We began with parade protocol.  Your Directors/Presidents should have this information for you.  If they don't ask them to get it from us, for YOU!..

We have had a few surprises this year. Last night was no exception....The Bobbies attended the "Blessing of the Bikes" Sunday.  They had over 5000 bikes at the event.  The Bobbies set up a table with our Tabletop Display  for the Hospitals.  They received over $270.00 in donations!  Fantastic job Dir. Don and all the Bobbies!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013


What a great weekend beginning with the Parade in Miamisburg.  When the rain began, we called on the two Mayors, (Ill Sir, Dick Church, and Ch Rabban Scott Lipps) to put an end to it. AND it worked.  What a great parade to begin the season.  Special

THANKS to the American Legion for providing the location of the Afterglow.  FULL MOON BBQ supplied a great lunch!!

After which the Divan headed to Ft Wayne for their Potes Ball.  Again the largest turn out of all the Temples present.  A few fun pictures from the evening. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Parade season has arrived!  WE are ready and in full form to show off Antioch!  A wonderful afterglow is waiting for everyone after the parade at the American Legion.  See you in Miamisburg!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


LOOK AT ANTIOCH'S NEWEST UNIT!!  The Pote's Little Symphony and the Troubadours have joined into one unit!  The first event will be on the streets of Miamisburg this weekend!  
Don't miss the fun of our 1st Parade of the season.  Always a great turn out and always a great afterglow!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

 What is today???  MEMBERSHIP DAY!!

With over 400 new Master Masons out there, what a perfect time to add to Antioch's membership!  Find those future new nobles.  Tell them the fun you have had being a Shriner.  TELL them the Pride you have when a child runs up to you and thanks YOU for their recent surgery at OUR Hospitals.  This is the time,  You are the leadership of the future of Antioch.  THE TIME IS NOW!! 

Please have your petitions turned in by Monday May, 20.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

What a great job the Middletown Shrine Club did with their 27th annual Mothers Day Car Show.  Even with a chill in the air, they had a full lot of cars, truck, bikes for the public to view.  All the proceeds from this event go to the Shriners Hospitals for Children.  

Our own Dave (Mr. Car Guy) Heizer, who just got back from Florida Saturday night, was there with his...... oops...Linda's Viper! 

Scott donated his motor home for the staff to use.
We have two more shows this year.  Aug-Mer Shire Club in July, and the Classic Car's show at Antioch the end of August.

Thanks to everyone who helped support this event! 

The Officers are pictured here with one of "OUR" kids and his mom!


Hope all the mothers out there have a great and wonderful day!  Once you have honored YOUR mother, lets help OUR kids.   The Middletown Shrine Club's annual Car Show is today!  Join us as we help our kids!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013


With rain and storms around Friday night a few of the die hard Antioch Family walked down to 5/3 Field for the Annual Dragons outing.  The Legion Of Honor presented the colors before the game which was about an hour and half late in starting. 

THANKS to everyone who attended!  The Dragons will be looking at another date for us to attend!

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Last night I joined a few die hard S.A.C. (ask Scott)  Funsters in loading up cans for the scrap yard.  It is anticipated they this load will bring in about $800.   After we all headed out for some pizza and fellowship.

It was a good time and does not take a lot to help out "Our Hospitals"
We have great clubs and units that collect cans all over the area.  You have seen the BIG CHECKS they present to our hospitals.  Check in with them and help them out.  A little work is very rewarding in the end!!

Monday, May 6, 2013


Three of the most famous sayings in the world!  What better way
to welcome Spring! 
This month is always special to me!  We begin May with the Kentucky Derby.  Our annual outing will be this Friday with the Dayton Dragons, the traditional first parade in Miamisburg, and we end the month with the Greatest Spectacle in Racing©, the 97th Indy 500! 

Our units are beginning practices, and cleaning equipment.  I am pleased that we will have a NEW unit on the streets this year.  I will share more later this week.  We look forward to seeing everyone at all the upcoming events. 
How exciting it is to be part of our Antioch Family! 

Saturday, May 4, 2013


 Antioch was well represented at the Ohio Shrine Meeting Saturday.  We had 22 Nobles and Ladies which was the most other than the host Temple.  

Our very own Ill. Sir. Gary Blackford was elected and installed as President. Installing officer was Imp. Sir. Tad Claypool!  This meeting will be held in Dayton in 2014! 
Congrats Gary!!

Friday, May 3, 2013


The POTES LITTLE SYMPHONY & the TROUBADORS met with the focus on how to continue to play, entertain and support Antioch.  The groups have joined together and I am excited to announce the....

ONE GROUP!!  Our new unit is  "POTE'S TROUBADORS".   

DONN CRISSINGER   UNIT DIRECTOR 937-438-9706.  Congratulate them as you see them in our parades!!  Our 2013 themes continue as we Race Towards the Future!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Weekend!!

A new weekend a new trip!!  The Bull's (that's new) and the Heizers along with a a good group of Past Potentates & ladies are heading to Akron to the Ohio Shrine Meeting.  On the agenda I will get to nominate our very own Gary Blackford PP as the President for the upcoming year.  This event will be in Dayton next year!  Be ready to help Ill Sir Gary!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


One last note about the Ball.  The Fantastic Gift from the Divan is on display in the lobby of the Temple for everyone to enjoy!!

Well its time to move on!  Traveled to Indy to follow up and check on our plans for Imperial.  We have another new contact person for the hotel, so I had to review 2 years of planning with her.  We are in good shape and rolling toward July!

Tonight back to meetings.  Off to see the Provost, and tomorrow up to see "Those Clowns"!!