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Thursday, May 23, 2013


After being on the go since January, it's time for a weekend off!  What better way to relax then bring with about 250,000 of our closeest friends!   We are live at the Indianspolis Motor Speedway.  Attending my 36th Indy 500.  With Scott Lipps & Rob Fickert, and our kids. we are at the GREATEST SPECTICAL  IN RACING...also checking out everything for Imperial next month.

Having tempatures last year of over 95, we are actually have to turn heat on in the motor home. Low tonight of 40!

We look forward to hopefully seeing Imperal Sir. Al Madson at the Speedway  on Friday for carb day.

We wish everyone a great Memorial Day weekend. Please remember those who gave their all so we can have the freedoms we have!

John, Pam ....Eric & Amber

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