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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Last night the Divan and Aides took a break from getting ready for everyone and went to DICK'S LAST RESORT.  Some of the scenes from last night show everyone have a GREAT time!  We will all be ready for you as you arrive here today!! 


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Indy Saturday

No trip to Indy goes without a stop at THE WORLDS GREATEST RACE COURSE

John Bull Jr

Begin forwarded message:

From: John Bull <jebulljr@aol.com>
Date: June 29, 2013, 10:43:14 AM EDT
To: John Bull <jebulljr@aol.com>

John Bull Jr


A few of us are already here at the Comfort Suites and look forward to a great day getting ready to welcome you tomorrow to the Imperial Convention.  A quick note as you travel to Indy.  There are a few sections of I-70 under construction.  There is a VERY rough section around Richmond.  There is a sign and they mean it!!Stay in the left lane!

Safe travels to everyone and see you in INDY!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Imperial Convention week is here!!  4+ years of planning to make sure everyone has the opportunity to again enjoy the Imperial Session.  Over the next few days we will traverse the 2 hour drive across I-70 to the Racing Capital of the World!  Hello INDY here we come! 

Currently, putting the final touches on the rooms at the hotel.  YOUR Divan and Aides will  be there to greet you upon your arrival!
A lot is planned for you, but a lot of free time for you to enjoy Downtown Indianapolis.  You will receive all that information when you arrive at the hotel.   Please take time to enjoy everything you can about the convention.  You all will now have the institutional knowledge.  You can pass on the fun you are about to have so the future generations of Shriners knew how we did it in 2013!

Welcome to INDY and enjoy the FUN and Fellowship!

Monday, June 24, 2013


We held the final planning meeting tonight for the Imperial Convention.  Your Divan and Aides will be ready to meet and greet you at the Comfort Suites on Sunday.  We hope that you have an enjoyable stay and look forward to the FUN of the Convention and Downtown Indianapolis.!!

The clock is ticking towards the Imperial Convention.  3 1/2 years of planning all begins this weekend!  A couple of questions are being asked......What time is check in?   Check in is from 3-6pm on Sunday.  Do not get there before 3pm.  Rooms will not be ready until 3:00!!  What do I wear to the Indy 500 party?  Dress is VERY casual!  Shorts are acceptable.  You will be in and outside the facility.  Its a Big Party!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Did you know you can pull of such a great event in less than 30 days?  With the support of all of you, last nights parade at the Air Show was a complete success. 

We received the request about a month ago.  Larry Rike, took the lead and got the wheels turning.  We were thanked numerous times for being BACK at the parade.  By all accounts everyone of you had a good time and liked being there too!!  

What GREAT support we have from the Antioch Family! 


Friday, June 21, 2013


Welcome to the beginning of the Weekend!!  The big Air Show Parade is tonight.  A great time to showoff Antioch in front of a very large crowd!  New members are always welcome to join us.  We will get you into the parade.  Just bring your fez and smile.

See everyone in Vandalia!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Last night we attended the funeral services for Bill Johnson.  Bill had been a GREAT supporter of Antioch and held many positions in different units and clubs.  I saw that he once held the position of Treasure for Antioch. 

He was a big supporter of the Divan as we were brining back the FUN again to Antioch and being a Shriner.  We will continue on as he would wants us to.

BILL, thanks for all you did for Antioch.  You may rest assured we will continue and have the FUN you wanted us to! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tuesday night we brought in 17 new members to Antioch!  We are over 100 for the year!  GREAT job everyone for looking to increase the interest in the Shrine.   5 of these new nobles are already headed to a unit or club. At the Turkey Foot parade, the Divan noticed about 20 new faces.  Its good to see these new members get involved.  As we all know the secret.  The more we get active in the units or clubs the more FUN we have.

Welcome to all of new members!!

Monday, June 17, 2013


I hope all the fathers had a great Father's Day.  Special thanks to MY SON!  Great times my boy!!

We had a great turnout for the annual trip to Turkey Foot for the Hospice/Shriners parade.  A nice donation to the Hospitals from the Hospice Benefit Crew.  The INN BETWEEN provide a wonderful afterglow.  The group up there really appreciates us and we love coming back every year!! 

Of course the annual dunking of the OG.  Also a Past Potentate who thought the Pote needs a swim also became part of the fun.  Thanks Bill!!

Friday, June 14, 2013


Another big weekend with our annual trip to Turkey Foot for the Hospice/Shriners parade.  This event has turned into a fun time for everyone, and we will see how the OG handles the FUN!

Yesterday, the Daughters of the Nile had a lunch in honor of Pam.   Lisa Davis here presents Pam with a planting.  Thanks to the DoN for all their support this year and their generous donation to the lower level remodeling fund!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Last night the Summer Picnic Season began with the Provost Guard's annual picnic.  A good turn out with great food and fellowship.  Most know that Lady Dee Hail also is an instructor for the Gun Club.  Their ladies shoot is next Wednesday.  My WIFE Pam and Dee came up with s shooting surprise for next week.  I have to remember to keep these two apart!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


We are only 2 1/2 weeks away from the Imperial Convention.  I have sent out to the Unit/Clubs Directors and President the final list for Indy.  Please check with them to make sure the information is correct.   There are a limited number of King Size bed rooms available.  We have done the best we could to get what you asked for but we looked at it, that is was more important to keep you with your units and clubs on the same floors.  Its all coming together!! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


A few more pictures from the FUN at the Ohio Masonic Home.  Special THANK YOU to Larry Cornett and the Photo Unit!

Monday, June 10, 2013


Beautiful weather!! 

Beautiful people!! 
There are some perks to this job!!

Wonderful Food!! 

What a great day we had the Ohio Masonic Home. 

The Grand Master thanked Antioch for putting on a great parade!! Thanks to Aladdin & Syrian Shriners  for sending some of their units!

 I know the residents and their families had a great time.  Couldn't ask for a better Sunday afternoon...
The Pipers are making a come back with recent additions from our last Ceremonial!!  THANKS GUYS!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Saturday, the Champaine County Shrine Club held their annual golf outing benefiting Shriners Hospitals.  It was a perfect day and a great time was had by everyone!!

Wes (the chipster) Ramsey, Kevin (kill it) Sweeney, Nelson (streak) Spellman and myself formed a team that was second best. 

Remember the Antioch Open is coming up on August 17th.  Check your Crier fro sign up details...

Friday, June 7, 2013

The next few weekends are big for Antioch.  Saturday is the annual Champaign County Golf Outing.  This benefits Shriners Hospitals and is a community event!   Sunday we get to visit our brethren and their families at the Ohio Masonic Home. Always a great day for the residents and great food prepared by our other masonic groups.  

Heads up!!!  Next weekend is our annual trip to Turkey Foot.  What will happen to the OG this year??


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fwd: Happy Shriners International Awareness Day

Thought you would enjoy a letter frono one of our families!

From: Tracy Roblero
Date: June 6, 2013 8:50:35 AM
Subject: Happy Shriners International Awareness Day

Happy Shriners International Awareness Day!  There are not enough words to express how grateful we are for all you have done for Julianna and our family!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  I know it is a lot of work, but you are truly making a difference in the lives of these children and their families. 

Thank you,
Tracy & family

Tracy Roblero
City Planner
10101 Montgomery Rd

Monday, June 3, 2013

What a great way to begin the week with all of our new members.  You can feel the excitement we had over the weekend. 

Here are a few more photos thanks to Larry Cornett and the Photo Unit!!



 Special Thanks to Jerry Hardisty, Chairman of the Board for the Cincinnati Hospital, and our own Stan Brookins for setting up our trip to Cincy!

Sunday, June 2, 2013


What a GREAT 275th Ceremonial we had on Saturday.  The day began bright and early with 2 full motor coaches traveling down to the Cincinnati Burns Hospital.  The class got to experience what we all know.  WE HAVE THE GREATEST HOSPITALS IN THE WORLD.  We had a patient friend on mine tell of her story at the Hospital...THANKS TRACY!! 

We returned to the front steps lined up with Shriners to the greet the class. During the Ceremonial, we Honored Our Past when Imp Sir Tad Claypool told the class of his history with the system and the Shrine..THANKS IMP SIR TAD!  We also found out we had about a 1/2 of the class with connections to our Legacy Program, including a 3rd generation joining.

We gave them a GREAT meal, provided by Christy's.  THANKS MIKE!  To round out the day the Classics from Greenville preformed. 

67 new members joined Antioch on Saturday, another 20 have joined by way of short form earlier this year and about 10-15 that could not be there are in the office to conduct a short form in the near future.  Almost 100 new members this spring! What a GREAT DAY TO BE AN ANTIOCH SHRINER, as we truly are RACING TOWARD THE FUTURE!!