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Saturday, July 20, 2013


It was a hot night in MOON CITY for the Annual Aug-Mer Car Show... How hot?  The temperature was 94 when I arrived, and the show was at its hottest when over 225 cars attended.  There was a car there from as far away as Ontario Canada!

We were introduced to one of the former Shuttle Astronauts  who was in town for the anniversary of Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon!

A great time and special pats on the back to everyone who put on the show!!  The estimated  proceeds of $3,500 will go to the Funster's Red Sneaker Fund for research at the Cincinnati Burns Hospital!!

Zack & Ashley put on a GREAT SHOW!!



Here Ambassador Jim May is working very hard!

Of course there was food as Dave always seems to find!

Some of our Funsters came out and played with the kids!!

A wonderful Evening!!

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