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Thursday, July 4, 2013


We said goodbye to Indy today and everyone has returned home.  What a GREAT week we had!  Our Funsters & Pipers won International competitions.  Over 200 nobles and ladies were in Indy and for more than 1/2 it was their first convention.   About 5 or 6 just came into the Shrine this year. 

ANTIOCH proved again we are back, proud and ready to restore our place as #1 in Shriners International.  We were the LARGEST Visiting Temple on the street for the parade.

Lady Pam & I and the entire Divan and their ladies were so proud to be able to host you this week.  You all now have the institutional knowledge of a convention to pass on to the future nobles and families. Next year Scott will welcome you all to Minneapolis MN.  Look for information coming our later in the year..

Even though mother nature spoiled the last part of the Indy 500 party, we had over 1/2 take a ride in an INDY CAR!


Over the next few days I will post some of the pictures from this week!


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