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Friday, September 6, 2013

I want to THANK everyone who were able to attend a SPECIAL Thursday night Parade.  We have been to a lot of parades in a lot of communities and here is one that really appreciated us being there!  A small community with a LARGE turn out!
Dear Sirs,
    I would like to thank you so very much for making the Saint Paris Pony Wagon Parade a most memorable one.     It was one of the best parades we have had in several years. You always participate, but this year, there were so many different entries, it was truly amazing.    You do so much for the children and no one could ever repay you for that. Thank you so much.    I know Mr. Dan Bentley and Mr. Greg Burroughs from our town and it always a joy to see them in those 'little red' cars.    Again, I would like to thank you and I know so many more people who commented on your showing this year. Please continue to come back!!                                                                                                                        Deby Williams
Also a BIG THANK YOU to BUD PARSONS and Greg Burroughs, along with cooks Nelson Spellmand & Rob Butler for a fantastic Afterglow at the Famous Parsons Party Barn.  Always a great time up there.  A young at heart, 90 year old BUD still out there parading with us, is truly part of the HONORING OUR PAST!  Great stories and times from years gone bye!  Makes us proud for what they have done in the past to get us here today!!


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