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Monday, February 9, 2015

A New Noble


We have a new Noble in Antioch and it happened this past weekend at the Circus.  As Ill Sir Bull has been saying, anytime, anywhere, we will not pass an opportunity.


Noble Cole Fickert was Short Form inducted into Antioch among Family and Brothers.  Make sure you congratulate Cole and welcome him to our Family, the next time you see him!

Aside from the privilege of introducing my Family at Saturday Night's show, this is at the top of my favorites list for things the Pote gets to do while in office! 


Congratulations Cole and Welcome to the Greatest Fraternity and Philanthropy in the World!!!


Also, Thanks Jay Johnston, we have a Blue Lodge Petition being initiated for one of UD's guys!

Thanks Jay and Thanks Antioch!!!



Yours In The Faith!


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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lexington Patient meets the Leprechaun.

‎We had a visit at our Circus by one of our Lexington patients. I was very proud and very humbled by her spirit! She was an awesome little girl!

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